Inspiring closets

Our closet is probably one of the places that we spend much of our time. Although we may not think it, we are in our closets at least once a day. My closet is the place where I go not only to keep clothes, but to reflect on thoughts. My best ideas come out of being surrounded by what inspires and motivates me, my clothing. Let us look at where the celebs get their inspiration…

Olivia Palermo’s Closet– The City (not one of my favorite characters, but totally love that closet!)


Jessica Alba’s Closet — This has a very classic, clean look.


Olivia Wilde’s Closet — I love the idea of a window in a closet, it adds such life and beauty!


Christina Aguilera’s Closet — Old Hollywood with a twist.


Fergie’s Closet – G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S


Mariah Carey’s Closet — This picture does not do this closet justice. It is one of a kind just like Mariah


Paris Hilton’s Closet – Flashy, like Paris


Eva Longoria’s Closet — Don’t know what I love more the closet or the pup!


Kimora Lee’s Closet — Perfect look for a Diva.


And I saved the best for last….

Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet — Need I say more?


Remember the next time you step in your closet, you may find some great inspiration!

yours truly— LC


A few products I live by

You Rebel – by Benefit

This moisturizer is perfect for every day use, plus it adds a hint of color to brighten up that face!



Tweezerman tweezers

Forget waxing those brows. These do the trick!




Carmex lip balm

This is my go to balm. I have one in every purse and next to my night stand. It’s like lotion for the lips.


Maybelline Great Lash

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe it’s Maybelline! Forget spending all the money on expensive mascara, this works better!



Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

This truly is like using butter for lotion.





yours truly — LC

Inspirational icons in my eyes









yours truly — LC

Holiday gift ideas

It’s that time of year again! Here is a little inspiration….

For your mom

Tory Burch Cosmetic Case, $55.oo1013645_fpx

For your dad


Giorgio Armani Aqua di Gio, $52.00

For your brother or boyfriend


Polo Ralph Lauren Wool Hat, $38.00


The Beatles Rockband, $249.00

For your sister or friend


Juicy Couture Necklas & keepsake, $68.00


Bare Essentials Pretty Delicious Eye & Gloss, $36.00

All of these items can be found @ — in the HOLIDAY SHOP.

Look forward to more ideas in the near future.

yours truly – LC

2 inspirational designers & some fun facts

Juicy Couture


Juicy Couture has been number one in my eyes for quite some time. Much of my wardrobe consists of Juicy, and I could never narrow down a favorite item because I love it all!

The styles of Gela (Wife of Duran Duran’s John Taylor) & Pamela (Love G&P) appeal to your some what younger crowd. Juicy’s style gives off a fun, contemporary feel. JC is noted for their signature velour tracksuits but also carry a variety of womens, mens & children’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, & cosmetics. Juicy Couture is owned by Liz Claiborne.

Tory Burch


I discovered Tory and her amazing flats two Christmas’s ago while shopping in NYC. I kept seeing women around the city with these ballet flats featuring Tory’s signature logo, displayed above. I did immediate research when I got home, finding out that the striking flats were by Tory Burch. I had to have a pair….


I love my flats — I feel they are one of a kind, because most of her flats feature a gold logo, and are a solid color. These were made just for me 🙂

Tory is known for a bohemian chic style. Her bags are just as amazing as her shoes, I want all of her things! Tory was born in Valley Forge, PA and attended the University of Pennsylvania. What an inspiration knowing such talent can come from my home state of PA!

yours truly – LC

Great style @ any price

Do you ever see something that you would love to buy but you just cannot afford it? You should NEVER come across such an issue, since most of the time you could ALWAYS find the same item — at a much cheaper price! OR maybe your case is that you found a slightly cheaper piece that just doesn’t suit you. Almost always you could find the item at a higher price and better quality. Here is a few Fall pieces that are being worn RIGHT NOW. With a little time and effort you could always find what your looking for at the price you choose to pay.

Ankle Booties are very popular this Fall season. They could be paired with just about anything — jeans, leggings, skirts, & dresses.

The booties featured below can be found at Victoria’s Secret, by Colin Stewart. They are priced @ $89.00.

Victoria Secret Ankle Booty

The next pair of booties are almost identical to those found at Victoria’s Secret. The only difference is in the price. The Target booties by Mossimo are priced at $29.00!

Target Ankle Booty

Along with the Fall comes exceptionally chilly weather. Therefore, we should never go out without a jacket let alone a stylish one. The new look these days is the “boyfriend” look. First there was the “boyfriend” tee, then the “boyfriend” jeans, now it’s time to show off the “boyfriend” blazer.

The blazer featured below could be found at Nordstrom’s and is ABS by Allen Schwartz. The blazer is priced @ $305.00.

ABS Boyfriend Blazer

The next blazer featured could also be found at Nordstrom’s and is by Necessary Objects.

I don’t think that one person could pick out the difference between the blazer above and below. However, there is a slight difference in price. The blazer below is priced @ $58.00.

Necessary Objects Boyfriend Blazer

Fashion seems to be rewinding back to the 80’s, and with the 80’s comes leggings. Leggings seem to be turning up every where, and in every color and pattern. I believe black is the classiest look, although it never hurts to have a little fun with patterns and color. If your mother didn’t save her leggings, then we have to go out and buy our own pair.

The leggings featured below can be found at Bloomingdales and are by Vince. They are priced @ $245.oo.

Vince Leggings

The next pair of leggings that are featured below are almost identical to those above, with a slight difference in material. The pair above are solid black, and the pair below have a shine to them. The leggings below can be found at Wal-Mart and are by Miley Cyrus & Max Azria. They are priced @ $10.00!

Wal-Mart Leggings

We wear jackets to keep warm in the chilly weather, and to set statements in chilly weather. This next piece certainly shows confidence. Leopard print is being shownon everything from shoes, to scarfs, and now on faux-fur jackets.

The jacket below can be found at Bloomingdales and is their own line, Aqua. The jacket is priced @ $188.00.

Leopard Jacket Bloomies

The jacket below is has a slightly different fit, but is the same concept. It could be found at JCPenny’s and is by Oxford & Regent. The jacket was originally priced @ $120.00, but is currently on sale for $83.99!

Leopard Jacket JCP

We dress to impress. A sequined mini-dress is just the trick.

The dress featured below can be found at Bloomingdales and is by Nanette Lapore. The dress is priced @ $548.00.


The sequined dress featured below is identical in appearance to the one above. The dress can be found at Forever 21 and is priced at $24.00!!

Forever 21 SD

We must not forget accessories! An embellished necklace is an easy and stylish way to bring life to a plain tee.

The bib embellished necklace featured below can be found at and is by Lizzie Fortunato. The necklace is priced @ $436.00.

bib shopbop

The necklace below is slightly different in shape and size, but the beading and coloring is a very close match. It could be found at Charlotte Russe and is priced @ $8.50!!

CR Necklace

I appreciate every designer and am an avid fan of designer clothing. However, not all of us can always afford trendy items like those that I have featured above. In the end, it’s whatever gives you inspiration that matters. Fashion is how you express your self with the clothing that you wear not the price that you pay.