My Nana’s jewelry

I have recently grown a liking to vintage-style jewelry. It’s not a surprise that a classy Nana like mine would have pieces that I love and wear daily.

Three bangles and a dainty Bulova watch

3 bangles & Bulova watch

Any thing goes these days. This pink ring is a vintage statement, and brightens up any outfit.

Pink ring

This ring goes with almost anything, and I get compliments on it all the time! (p.s. – it’s from Avon!)

Avon ring

I love this bangle, the colorful beads add charm.


Pearls are every where for the Fall. This necklace is a classy piece that never gets old.


I just feel as if these two pieces scream vintage.

head - leaf

The black beaded necklace can be worn to drape around your neck, or wrap around your wrist. Very versatile.

black beads black beads wrap

And once again, pearls are timeless.

Become inspired by your Nana’s jewelry.

Thanks Nana!




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