Inspiring closets

Our closet is probably one of the places that we spend much of our time. Although we may not think it, we are in our closets at least once a day. My closet is the place where I go not only to keep clothes, but to reflect on thoughts. My best ideas come out of being surrounded by what inspires and motivates me, my clothing. Let us look at where the celebs get their inspiration…

Olivia Palermo’s Closet– The City (not one of my favorite characters, but totally love that closet!)


Jessica Alba’s Closet — This has a very classic, clean look.


Olivia Wilde’s Closet — I love the idea of a window in a closet, it adds such life and beauty!


Christina Aguilera’s Closet — Old Hollywood with a twist.


Fergie’s Closet – G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S


Mariah Carey’s Closet — This picture does not do this closet justice. It is one of a kind just like Mariah


Paris Hilton’s Closet – Flashy, like Paris


Eva Longoria’s Closet — Don’t know what I love more the closet or the pup!


Kimora Lee’s Closet — Perfect look for a Diva.


And I saved the best for last….

Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet — Need I say more?


Remember the next time you step in your closet, you may find some great inspiration!

yours truly— LC


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